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ok I don't normally do this but I HAVE to get this off my chest

as of late I have been seeing a certain little effect get overused like mad
Refer to this picture for a quick message:
Jirachi Drawing in 2015 by Hellknight10
(click image for full effect)

now don't get me wrong, this effect is pretty awesome when used correctly. When people put it on the whole picture or make it too prominent that it makes your eyes hurt when you try to focus on the image, that's what bothers me.
People are beginning to think that filters and effects make art, but that's not true, they only enhance art. I personally like the fact that it colors lines to some degree and it adds a little pizazz to the image, but relying on it to color my lines or to just add something to a lazy drawing is not cool. No, the usage of this effect does not affect my life enough for me to go and try to call out artists or anything, I'm just expressing my thoughts on something that just doesn't float my boat and worries me that newer artists will begin to rely on this particular effect for everything, I mean I see this everywhere on Tumblr, here and even Pixiv. I think it's worse when perfectly good artist with a perfectly good picture use this on an image that doesn't need it and it just ruins it.

In the hands of more veteran artists with proper images, this effect works wonders:
Sexy DJ sona (nude censored) by sakimichan The big cat movie by observerz

long story short, I found something that bothers me a little and made an image for twitter/tumblr (which I will post there soon) and now I'm just explaining it
I do not hate this effect, hate is a strong word, in fact I don't even dislike it. I don't like the abuse of it, maybe I'm just getting old and that's just another fad that's passing me by

at any rate, I just wanted to get this off my chest

PS - I do use it myself but try not to go mad with it
PPS - I'll find any reason to draw Jirachi it seems


Pedro A. Machuca Nunez
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Twitter -
Tumblr -
YouTube -

My name is Pedro A. Machuca
I currently hold an AAS in Art and I hope I can go back and get my bachelor's degree so that I may become an arts educator.

Though my work here is mostly digital, I do enjoy working traditionally but it is very difficult to financially maintain a working routine with traditional art

I hope you enjoy my work here even though it is mostly fan art in here (I do enjoy making original pieces more but I use fan art as means to practice)


Akastrah The Cursed by Hellknight10
Akastrah The Cursed

Speed Art Video -

Akastrah was just a small girl when she was learning the fire arts from her parents, but when she met a begrudged sorcerer, her life was changed forever. The sorcerer who sought vengeance on Akastrah's parents for taking the life of his beloved in a conflict between clans, cursed Akastrah's body to become a stone golem slowly over time. Her parents consulted with many sorcerers and wizards to see if they could stop this condition, but when they found someone the curse already had claimed more than half of Akastrah's body during her teenage years. The knowledge they gained from a sorcerer was used to make artifacts that halted the condition from spreading any further, it was during this time that Akastrah learned to use her fire manipulation powers to merge with her stone curse to use as a weapon. Later Akastrah would create more sophisticated artifacts to protect herself, not only from her curse but from the lava that now surged through her body. She wears magic embedded cloths to cover her non afflicted parts, to remind herself that she is still human and not a golem. Maybe one day she will find a way to reverse the curse, but who knows, maybe she got a little too used of her new "powers".

it's an OC
when the hell do I draw OCs and name them even
maybe I'll add a back story to Hellion's Sacrilege one day

but anyways
made in Photoshop CS6

Enjoy :D

Speed Art Video -
Pokemon Gijinka - Jirachi - The Wish Master by Hellknight10
Pokemon Gijinka - Jirachi - The Wish Master

Jirachi is a mysterious knight fighting for Arceus
His efficiency in the battlefield has granted Jirachi the title of "Wish Master", fulfilling his lord's wishes in the battlefield without question
No one has seen Jirachi without his armor. Due to this, stories have been spread amongst village folk and soldiers alike that he himself is made of armor and was granted life by Arceus's magic. These people believe that his powers are also magic, making him a magic knight.
Those that do not believe this, speculate that his power comes from telepathy, making Jirachi a psychic
either way what is known, is that no one has had the opportunity to ask him personally

Jirachi fights with a spear named "Doom Desire"


well this was fun as hell to make, Jirachi is my absolute favorite Pokemon and drawing him all badass brought me great pleasure
I never knew making Pokemon gijinkas was so much fun, why have I not be doing this until now!?

unfortunately no video for this one, I kinda messed up and accidentally canceled the recording midway due to a hotkey combination that I just so happen to use in Photoshop as well (lol)

done in Photoshop CS6
enjoy :D

Pokemon © Game Freak, Inc. / Nintendo
Fan Art © Pedro A. Machuca Nunez / Hellknight10
Morphine by Hellknight10

Speed Art Video

(for those that have the mature content filter and are curious - the nudity is a woman's nipple)
gee HK, another naked woman with an exposed nipple? not even TWO nipples either? nope you get ONE!

this picture was fun to make, and it surprisingly didn't take me very long despite this file being MASSIVE, like the PSD is a whole GB, it takes about 5-8 minutes just to save, at 100% the image is 9750 pixels tall... GGs
this is also 16 bit and because of it a PNG, I had to add noise to lower the banding from some of my soft brushing and gradients

because my friend brought this up I have to clarify this
those are clouds NOT fire at the bottom, the fire that's creating the orange light source is not visible (except for those tiny flames on the gauze and hair)

done in Photoshop CS6
enjoy :D

the other girl with the exposed nipple - Spring Puberty

PS - (please) don't forget to watch the video!
Hundun - Roar of Sight Sparking! by Hellknight10
Hundun - Roar of Sight Sparking!
Speed Art Video -

Here is fan art of the game that  took my soul for a few months (Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate)
to be honest I wanted to draw DBZ and Warriors Orochi but I couldn't decide which, so I went with both...

so here is a DBZ-esque picture with a WO3U character
I always felt DBZ vibes from Hundun whenever he did his Musou attack, which is why I chose him for the picture

the title is a mix of his theme song (Roar of Sight Marred) with DBZ's "Sparking!"

done in Photoshop CS6
enjoy :D

don't forget to watch the video!

Warriors Orochi © Omega Force / Koei Tecmo Holdings Co., Ltd.
fan art © Hellknight10 / Pedro A. Machuca Nunez
Hellion's Sacrilege by Hellknight10
Hellion's Sacrilege
shoutouts to taking one vacation day, this allowed me to actually finish this in 3 days
the pentagram is actually a complete one and fairly detailed too but unfortunately she is covering most of it, maybe one day I'll re-use it

but anyways this is actually the re-imagining of a really old piece:

Exposed Blasphemy (2006):…

as you can see many things have changed haha

done in Photoshop CS6
enjoy :D

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